Swim Meet Entry and Preperation Tips


If you are new to Gala Swimming – don’t worry or panic. The coaches/ team managers will be there to guide you through the day and help you all they can. It is a good idea to have packed your bag the night before, with everything you might need. Here is a checklist, which should be useful.



  • Two swimming costumes
  • Goggles (plus a spare pair)
  • 2 towels
  • Shoes/FlipFlops to wear at all times to prevent heat loss
  • Clothes to keep warm on the poolside – extra tee-shirt, tracksuit etc
  • Food of sufficient quantity to last the day
  • Money in case of emergency
  • Drink in a suitable container
  • Snack food – with lots of carbohydrates and low in fat.
  • Music,I-Pod, Mp3, I-Pad,etc (to help relax or psyche you up), reading book or other pastime


Note: Please ensure that your name is on all items Check out the pool complex layout and familiarise yourself with the important places you will need to go during the day.


For example;


  • Toilets
  • Reporting area(Marshalling)
  • Changing rooms
  • Cafeteria
Check your warm up time and make sure arrive in time to prepare for it. Your coach will have shown you what warm up to do. You must keep going and warm up your muscles properly to avoid injury. After leaving the pool dry of quickly and dress to keep warm, try and do some gentle stretching.


Cheer for your Team mates. There is nothing better to improve your performance than seeing others do well. Don’t just sit down and stare into space or your iPad. If you cheer them on they will do the same for you. – Most importantly - HAVE FUN-


When you are representing the Club you are expected to behave properly. Swimmers are expected to sit with the team and NOT with parents in the spectator area. Parents are not allowed on poolside at ANY time during a competition. When you are at a gala and with an appointed coach, they are responsible for you and you must not leave the building without their permission. If your parents are there, please ask the coach for permission to leave the building with them.