Club Policy Statement


Policy Statement

Neath ASC  endorses the principle of sports equality and will strive to ensure that everyone who wishes to be involved in Swimming, whether as casual participants, team members, volunteers, coaches or office-bearers;


  • Has a genuine and equal opportunity to participate to the fullest extent of their own ambitions and abilities, without regard to their age, sex, gender identity, disability, marital or civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, religion, race, ethnic origin, nationality, colour, socioeconomic status or sexual orientation.
  • Can be assured of an environment in which their rights, dignity and individual worth are respected, and in particular that they are able to enjoy their sport without the threat of intimidation, victimisation, harassment or abuse.

Legal obligations

Neath ASC is committed to avoid and eliminate unfair discrimination of any kind in swimming, and will under no circumstances condone unlawful discriminatory practices. The club takes a zero tolerance approach to harassment.


Responsibility, Monitoring and Evaluation


The Committee will be responsible for ensuring the implementation of this policy.
The Committee will review all Neath ASC activities and initiatives against the aims of the policy on an annual basis, and the Chairman will report formally on this issue at the AGM.
The Committee, or where appropriate a designated project leader, will review any measures or initiatives that the club may institute or take part in with regard to club activities, and will report their findings formally to the AGM.
The Committee will review the policy itself at intervals of no more than three years, (or when necessary due to changes in legislation) and will report with recommendations to the AGM.


Complaints and compliance


Neath ASC regards all of the forms of discriminatory behaviour as unacceptable, and is concerned to ensure that individuals feel able to raise any bona fide grievance or complaint related to such behaviour without fear of being penalised for doing so.
Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against any member or volunteer who violates the club Policy.
Any person who believes that he or she has been treated in a way that they consider to be in breach of this policy by a club volunteer or member of Neath ASC, should first complain to the person involved. If this does not resolve the matter, or in the case of allegations of discriminatory behaviour against Neath ASC itself, the person may raise the matter by writing directly to the Chairman.  Contact details are available through the website.

The Chairman will investigate the complaint personally or appoint a Committee member to do so. The investigation will be conducted impartially, confidentially, and without avoidable delay. Any person or organisation against whom a complaint has been made will be informed of what is alleged and given the opportunity to present their side of the matter.
The outcome of the investigation will be notified to the parties in writing and reported to the Neath ASC Committee. If the investigation reveals unacceptable discriminatory behaviour on the part of an individual member, organisation or volunteer the Committee may impose sanctions on that person or organisation in line with the Neath ASC Constitution.
Sanctions may range from a written reminder concerning future conduct up to and including temporary or permanent expulsion from club membership. In deciding what sanction is appropriate in a particular case the Executive Committee will consider the severity of the matter and take account of any mitigating circumstances.
Where the violation of the Equality Policy by way of harassment, victimisation or discrimination amount to a criminal offence, the appropriate authority will be informed.
In the event that an individual or organisation associated with Neath ASC is subject to allegations of unlawful discrimination in a court or tribunal, the Neath ASC Committee will co-operate fully with any investigation carried out by the relevant lawful authorities and, subject to the outcome, may consider taking action as above in relation to the matter concerned.  


Neath ASC  Executive Committee




All Swimmers are expected to:

  • Arrive on poolside on time to do at least a five minute stretch and be ready to enter the water at the beginning of each session; lateness causes a major disruption to the session.  It is vital that a you warm up correctly in order to avoid injury.It is ‘bad manners’ to arrive late.This applies to all ages!
  • Make sure that you arrive on poolside with the correct clothing/equipment. If you need medication, i.e. asthma inhalers, please make sure you have enough in your bag should you need it.
  • Not talk when a coach is talking, and should pay attention to the coach.
  • Not disrupt any other swimmers in the water. Behave appropriately in the water, do your turns, starts and finishes at the wall, and not sit on the lane ropes.
  • Not stop in the middle of a length. Move over at the end of the lane to allow others to finish.
  • Not go to the toilet during a set.
  • Attend as many sessions as possible. It is critical to your development as a swimmer.
  • If you have been away due to illness you must inform your coach on return as to the nature of the illness.
  • Behave appropriately before and after training sessions and at meets.  You are representing the Club.  Don’t let the Club or yourselves down.
  • No photo to be taken in the building as it is against Celtic Leisure policy.
  • Raise any concerns immediately with any member of the coaching team, the welfare officer or team manager.
  • Be positive, and enjoy your swimming career!

The Coaches are expected to:

  • Adhere to the ASA Code of Ethics.
  • Endeavour to increase the performance of all swimmers.
  • Ensure that equal opportunity is given to all swimmers.
  • Treat every swimmer fairly and sympathetically.
  • Listen to and take on board the swimmers views/explanations/problems.
  • Be fair and constructive when disciplining swimmers.
  • Remember that life is not just swimming!
  • Be positive about the swimmers efforts.

Parents are expected to :

  • Ensure that their children are on pool side and ready to train on time. If they are going to be late please let the coach know.
  • Encourage their children to be independent with their equipment, e.g. goggles, any medication needed during sessions.
  • Not disrupt the coaches during the session.  If you have any questions please try to speak to them before or after the session.
  • Not distract swimmers during their training session, or the swimmer could be asked to leave the pool.
  • Respect the coaches’ professional opinions on swimming matters and ensure the coach is not undermined in front of swimmers as this can affect the Swimmer – Coach relationship.
  • If a swimmer has been away due to illness, please inform the coach on return as to the nature of the illness.
  • Appreciate the effort that is put in by their children, be it a swim meet or at training
  • Pay correct squad fees on time.
  • Be positive about their child’s swimming career.